Why mediation?

  • Mediation is confidential and civilised way to settle your dispute simply and quickly.
  • A typical mediation lasts just one day. By contrast, even a simple case in the County Court could easily take 500 hours of your precious time.
  • Our headline fee today adds up to less than £900 per party, all in. You would be lucky to work through two years of litigation in the court system for 20 times that sum.
  • No one outside of the process will even know that it ever took place. The terms of what you agree need never reach the ears of external shareholders, creditors, customers, suppliers, bank managers, local media, social media.
  • Through the mediation process you can work out what you would really like from it. Very few disputes are about only money.
  • You know the time has come to just shuck off the stress, the waste, the lost opportunities.

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Mediator Profile

I am Andrew Taylor. I have a degree in economics and have been a solicitor for 40 years. Half that time has been spent in private practice > litigation > company and business affairs > land, property, planning and construction > clinical negligence.

I practice what is referred to as “facilitative” mediation acting as a coach, referee, chairman and guide in helping you to understand your best interests, to explain those interests clearly to your conflict-party and to help you to shape a deal which gives each side the best possible outcome. Mediation really works. I make it work for you.

I have also spent 20 years outside the legal profession in various business arenas including IT, land, planning, construction, Internet. In my personal affairs, I have had enormous experience in equestrianism, and consequently in agriculture and rural affairs. If you want more, here is my CV.

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Andrew Taylor
Andrew R Taylor

What it costs

For the full story, click on the top menu for the prices page. Here is a short version.

Choose the time you need, then click to buy that number of hours. It’s that simple.

I charge between £130 and £180 an hour. Short sessions cost more per hour because I still have to deal with all the checking out and travel time, as well as covering my admin costs.

I also offer mediation using telephone, email and Internet meetings. Saves the cost of venue and travel time. Can cost less too.

I also accept a small number of mediations at concessionary fees in the afternoons and evenings. My criteria are based on the convenience of the venue and the size of the beneficial impact I can make on your life.

The process in a nutshell

Read a few of our succinct information pages right now, then agree with your conflict-party to use the Mediator’s services.
Both complete the confidential Request to Mediate form. The Mediator will ring you within 48 hours to answer all your questions.
Read about the time you might need for your mediation, then check our prices page and choose the service that suits you best.
Book the hours you need in the Mediator’s diary. Pay the Mediator’s advance fee, as stated, then take your time to read the Mediation Agreement and accept it.
Read our tips, then arrange the venue for your mediation meeting.
We all work together and with a fair wind in our sails, yours is one of the 90% of mediations the results in a settlement satisfactory to both sides.