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Don’t give up on your business. Use our special contract resolution service

Fast track your mediation

Fast tracking depends largely on how fast you and your conflict party can move.

We can help if:

  • Your judge has sent you away to try mediation; OR
  • You just want to get your dispute fixed fast; OR
  • You think your dispute is straight forward.

Both parties must:

  1. Agree with your conflict-party to use the Mediator’s services.
  2. Complete the Request to Mediate form.
  3. If you have any questions, ring the Mediator or email.
  4. Read about the time you will need.
  5. Check the prices page.
  6. Go to the Diary to block-in the hours you want > read our message explaining what happens next. If you want a mediation earlier than what is available in the Diary, telephone the Mediator. You may be able to rearrange his life to accommodate you.
  7. Start lining up a venue for your mediation meeting
  8. Pay our pro forma invoice which will follow immediately > read our next information message.
  9. Sign the mediation agreement electronically. Check it out at any time, in advance.
  10. You have now completed your contract with the Mediator and he is dedicated to helping you and your conflict-party to find the nearest you can possibly get to a win : win situation.
  11. Arrange the venue for your mediation meeting.
  12. We all work together and with a fair wind in our sails, yours is one of the 90% of mediations the results in a settlement satisfactory to both sides.

Note: This fast track service will generally cost up to 1.5 times what we would otherwise charge.

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