Fast track your mediation

Fast tracking depends largely on how fast you and your conflict party can move.

We can help if:

  • Your judge has sent you away to try mediation; OR
  • You just want to get your dispute fixed fast; OR
  • You think your dispute is straight forward.

Both parties must:

  • Complete the Request to Mediate page.
  • If you want a meeting, whether live or via the Internet, you need to agree it with your conflict party and reserve it on the Mediator’s diary. Agree a date and reserve it.
  • If no nearby date is available, email. One of our action team will start the appropriate arrangements immediately. The Mediator will assess your Request to Mediate and will phone you to agree suitable arrangements.
  • We shall then give you access to our mediation agreement and send you a price estimate for our fee. As soon as you have paid we shall be working for you at maximum speed.

Of course, we are not able to promise that we shall be able to fast track your mediation. Everything depends on the Mediator’s diary. The Mediator will have reserved diary days for other activities than mediation. Accordingly, the fact that days are blanked off does not necessarily mean they would not be available in an emergency.

Note: This fast track service will generally cost 1.5 times what we would otherwise charge.