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The Mediator’s fee

This page provides a simple explanation about fee arrangements. If you have already registered through a “Request to Mediate” form then you would best now go to our booking page.

The mediation process takes place over a number of days, culminating in a live meeting or an online meeting. The Mediator’s fee includes all of the early work and of course, the meeting too.

Our Mediation services

Standard mediation meeting - live, face-to-face

Time includes all preparation time, assessing documents, telephone discussions, basic travel time, and the mediation meeting.

Standard mediation meeting - online

Includes all preparation time, assessing documents, telephone discussions, and the mediation meeting.

(No travel time nor disruption)

Covid contract re-build - online

Emergency service. See full description.

The Mediator’s hours, meeting and fee

  • The mediation process takes place over a number of days, culminating in a live meeting or an online meeting. The Mediator’s fee includes all of the pre-meeting work and of course, the meeting too.
  • The table below shows approximate hours which the Mediator is likely to spend before the mediation, followed by the specific number of hours you might wish to book for your mediation meeting.
  • Our charge is per hour, based on an estimate of pre-meeting cost, including time and cost of local travel. That results in a higher hourly cost for smaller number of hours.
  • Our experience is that a mediation requiring fewer hours is also likely to involve less preparation.
Process Total mediator time spent (hours) Hours meeting time you book in diary £s payable by each participant
Live meeting 12-16 8 720
Live meeting 6-10 4 400
Live meeting 3-4 2 220
Online meeting 10-14 8 640
Online / telephone meeting 5-8 4 360
Telephone only 3 2 200
Telephone only 1.5 1 75

What is included in the price

  • Administration and office expenses.
  • The Mediator's time spent reading your documents and general preliminary case preparation.
  • Extensive travel time - see below
  • The Mediator's time spent with you at a live mediation.

Travel and subsistence

For a full day mediation Andrew Taylor is likely to be willing to travel within the day to most parts of Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and parts of Essex.

Travel time is charged separately, after the event.

By car, from Wymondham, time and cost:

For a full day mediation:               first 60 miles each way free

For a 4 hour mediation:                first 40 miles each way free

For a 2 hour mediation:                first 30 miles each way free

After free limit: time and cost:      £1.50 per mile

By train:                                            cost of fare plus taxi plus time at £60 per hour

Over night:                                       by arrangement

Important, please note

The Mediator’s fee is based on a lump of time selected by you as a fixed price for all that is involved in your mediation.

  • Please read about the time you might need for your mediation.
  • The Mediator will always need time to assess your documents and your case, and to talk to you. So when you book one day, the Mediator might be working for you before the meeting for another three hours on top of that.
  • It is impossible to prejudge how long you and your conflict party will wish to discuss the issues. We therefore strongly advise that you book a full day for any but the most simple dispute.
  • When a full day mediation meeting runs into an evening, the Mediator will be willing and able determinedly to persist in pressing you to achieve a settlement, for as long as you are happy for the meeting to continue. By contrast, a morning meeting is not flexible.
  • If your mediation runs more than 30 minutes over the time booked, an additional fee will be payable based on £100 per hour per participant.
  • When you have booked, we shall hold the date for one week. If one of the participants has not yet paid by then, we shall clear the date. Of course you can re-book a new date.
  • Your reservation will trigger our detailed explanation of what happens next.
  • Of course, we can conduct online mediation anywhere in the English-speaking world.
  • Prices listed on this page and other information about what we do is subject to the terms in our mediation agreement. Prices do not include VAT.

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