Time issues - important, please note

  • Please read about the time you might need for your mediation.
  • The best procedure starts by the mediator spending time assessing documents, cases and legal application, followed by a full day live meeting. Many simple cases can be concluded in half a day.
  • The Mediator will always need time to assess what you have told him in completing the Request to Mediate form and to assess documents. Add time spent on preliminary discussion with you and you will find all of that will rarely amount to less than 30% of the total time we charge. From there, your mediation will move forward either all face-to-face; or part online finishing with a live meeting.
  • When a full day mediation meeting runs into an evening, you can be sure that the Mediator will be willing and able determinedly to persist in pressing you to achieve a settlement, for as long as you are happy for the meeting to continue. By contrast, a morning meeting is not flexible.
  • It is impossible to prejudge how long you and your conflict party will wish to discuss the issues. We therefore strongly advise that you book a full day for any but the most simple dispute.
  • If the value of your dispute, as judged by you, does not justify the mediation cost of a full day, then the Mediator will make every possible effort to condense the entire proceeding into the time you will have agreed with him in your telephone discussion.
  • We provide a high quality professional service. Our fee is based on time booked but if your mediation runs over, we don’t send you another bill for an extra £50. However, an additional fee will always be payable if the Mediator’s time spent runs substantially over the time booked.
  • If the advantages of online mediation are attractive to you, that can be arranged. Time face-to-face can be reduced or eliminated but it still takes the Mediator as long to communicate via email or Internet as it does in a live meeting.
  • In assessing our charge, do please remember that time spent face-to-face is only part of the work done by the Mediator. We charge a price to mediate your dispute. We cannot guess how long that will take.
  • When you have booked, we shall hold the date for seven days. If neither party has paid by then, we shall clear the date. Of course you can re-book a new date. If you want multiple dates, please discuss with the Mediator first.
  • Your reservation will trigger our detailed explanation of what happens next.
  • Of course, we can conduct online mediation anywhere in the English-speaking world.
  • Prices listed on this page are and other information about what we do is non-contractual and is subject to the terms in our mediation agreement. Prices do not include VAT.

Face to face meeting or online mediation with optional online meeting to conclude

Includes all preparation time, assessing documents, telephone discussions with both sides, and the mediation meeting. When you book an online mediation, you are booking the allocation of the Mediator’s total personal time, NOT the duration of a proposed meeting.

Meeting time you book in diary £s fee per participant
8 hrs - full day 840
4 hrs - morning 500
3 hrs - afternoon/evening    280

Concessionary fees for household claims and disputes of indeterminate low value

Includes telephone discussions with both sides, and the mediation meeting.

Meeting time you book in diary £s fee per participant
3 hrs - afternoon/evening 210

Low value, money only, telephone / email

Includes our preparation time and communication with you, largely by telephone in a series of calls at an agreed time

Value of dispute £s fee per party
£1,000 or less 50
£1,001 to £5,000 100
£5,001 to £25,000 225

To book your mediation: (we guide you all the way)

Step 1 For your business and all other types of mediation, please provide the information at the Request to Mediate business page.
Step 2 Read this page, agree a date and book it in the Mediator’s Diary.
Step 3 Ask your conflict party to give us his/her information on the Request to Mediate page.
Step 4 Fix a venue.
Step 5 Attend on the appointed day and find a happy resolution.

What is included in the price

  • Administration and office expenses.
  • The Mediator’s time spent reading your documents and general preliminary case preparation.
  • The Mediator’s time spent with you either at a live mediation or alternatively in continuing online communication.
  • Time spent by the Mediator with you in drawing memorandum of understanding or heads of terms to conclude your agreement.
  • Prices charged assume that in any meeting there will be a 15 minute break every 90 minutes. Need longer? Food and drink? You decide.

Travel time

  • Travel time is charged separately, only after we have calculated the sum due, if any.
  • There is no travel charge for any venue within 25 miles of Gonville Place, Cambridge.
  • Outside 25 miles, the Mediator’s time and travel by car are together charged at £1/mile.
  • Transport by train is charged at cost plus time at £60 per hour.
  • Over night accommodation is charged at cost only.
  • When a travel charge is due, it is calculated and payable after the event.

Other situations

Travel outside the UK

Substantial mediation requiring work over days or weeks, or “live” meeting outside the UK: price = daily rate plus expenses. We will provide an estimate when we have been able to talk to you.

Fast-track Mediation

The Mediator will always try to accommodate requests for urgency “the impossible takes a little longer”. If you ask us to go beyond that to a situation requiring a temporary change of life style, night work or Sunday work or strange circumstances, we will still do our best to help. It may cost you a little more.

Prices for negotiation services and other less common requirements

Please contact us