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Today, 01/04/2020, our mediation service is limited to online options. The provision of an online service is not a “quick fix”. As you will discover from the pages on this website mentioning the online service, it is a procedure that is already embedded in our systems.

By entering data on this page you are not committed in any way. It’s purpose is for you to tell us who you are and broadly what your dispute is about. The Mediator needs that information To give the Mediator enough information to enable him to give you a free 30 minute telephone consultation, when he expects to be able to cover:

  • Your questions on what mediation is and what it is not
  • Various procedural alternatives so that he can help you to arrange your mediation in the way most convenient to you and your conflict-party.
  • The time you might need for your mediation – and consequently the likely fee.
  • What happens next (when you have provided this basic information you will automatically receive suggestions and reminders on every aspect right up to the mediation meeting)

Points to note

  • The Mediator will not be able to talk about your “case” or provide legal advice in any way.
  • Completing the form does not commit you in any way at all. It could be the first step in a very fast process towards settling your dispute or you could simply decide to walk away and never return to our website. If that happens, we shall delete your data after approximately six weeks.
  • It does not matter whether you are the first to complete this form or whether your conflict party has already given us their information.
  • When we have received the completed form from both sides, we will write the same message to both of you about what happens next.
  • When you click the button below, we shall take you to the interactive form so that you can tell about yourself and your dispute. You are not committing to anything in giving us this information - except to receiving information from us and progressing towards your mediation. Our privacy policy is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR. Far more importantly, the important element of confidentiality is spelt out very clearly in our mediation agreement which will be available to you after you have completed this form.
  • When you have finished it, you will be able to click to see or download a full version of the data you have given us in easy-to-read format. You can then easily go back to edit again WITHOUT having to re-work all the sections.

Finally, you need to click the last button to close the document so that we can pass it to the Mediator.

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