Request to mediate a business dispute

or any other except divorce


By entering data on this page you are not committed in any way. It’s purpose is:

  • for you to tell us who you are and as to broadly what your dispute is about;
  • to tell you about various procedural alternatives so that we can help you to arrange your mediation in the way most convenient to you;
  • to give us the information we shall need to enable us to give you a price estimate

Please note: our pricing is transparent. Learn all about what time you might need and how we charge.

It does not matter whether you are the first to complete this form or whether your conflict party has already given us their information. It is a good idea if you talk to your conflict party before you send this form to us, so that you are sure they will agree to your proposal that we should mediate.

When we have received the completed form from both sides, we will write the same message to both of you about what happens next.

When you click the button below, we shall take you to the interactive form so that you can tell about yourself and your dispute. You are not committing to anything in giving us this information - except to receiving information from us and progressing towards your mediation. Our privacy policy is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR.

Completing the form is very easy. It is in five sections. We have designed it so that you can stop at any time to go away and find out something you need or take a phone call or just have a cup of tea. You can return at any time within two weeks to edit or add to the form.

When you have finished it, you will be able to click to see or download a full version of the data you have given us in easy-to-read format. You can then easily go back to edit again WITHOUT having to re-work all the sections.

Finally, you need to click the last button to close the document so that we can pass it to the Mediator.

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