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Mediation in 12 simple steps

  • Look over this website. Read a few articles. In particular the advantages of mediation. and the Mediator’s low-cost fee structure. You might also be interested to know a bit more about the Mediator himself.
  • Persuade your conflict-party that mediation is the best way of resolving your dispute. Tell them about the advantages.
  • If it is difficult to talk to your conflict-party, look on this website for alternative draft messages  which could be sent to him by you or by the Mediator.
  • When both parties want to move forward, go to our registration page where you can also tell the Mediator about your dispute. You can also leave your phone number and say when the Mediator can ring you.
  • You immediately receive a message from the Mediator’s admin assistant explaining how she is available to help you and pointing to a particular website pages relevant to your next steps. That way, you will be ready to tell the Mediator how you want to move forward.
  • The Mediator will ring you as soon as he is available. He will help you to decide whether to go for mediation online or face-to-face. He will explain how long the mediation meeting might take and answer any questions about the process.
  • At any time from now you can use your personal dashboard to upload documents confidentially for the Mediator. You can also upload documents for your conflict-party to see. You might want to state some aspect of your case clearly or to give advance notice of a reference document which might help to advance your case.
  • Both parties now want to move forward as fast as possible. Your registration opened up the mediation diary to you. You need to agree with your conflict-party the time and date and how long you want to book for the mediation meeting. (If talking to your conflict-party is really difficult, we will act as intermediary to get the meeting date fixed. You need a meeting date even for an online or telephone mediation. It works much better that way than to be exchanging emails again as you have probably been doing for weeks or months.
  • When one of you has booked the appointment for the meeting, both participants will receive a message explaining the simple online payment system which happens through Sagepay, the best trusted payment manager in Britain.
  • By now we shall also have explained to you where you can find and download our mediation agreement – that’s the contract between the Mediator and the two participants. The most important point it covers is confidentiality.
  • You can ask us about the agreement or discuss it with a friend or your solicitor. You are not under pressure. At this time, we introduce our legal colleague who administers the very simple signing process through the app “SignEasy”. You do not have to sign at the same time. You do not have to handle a paper copy. Once signed and dated through the system, this is a binding document.
  • Right, so we are all contracted to get your dispute settled at the time and date fixed. Now it’s time to check what you really want out of this mediation. We can give you some really useful advice on this one.

That covers everything about preparation and procedure.

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