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Boardroom and partnership disputes

Note from Andrew Taylor, the Mediator
I have worked with directors and managers of every type of organisation for 30 years. I have acted as informal mediator to every shape size and type of organisation you can imagine – but mostly to commercial companies. Theoretically, I have been instructed to advise the company or organisation. In practice that has involved mediating in a dispute between directors or major shareholders or both. Although the disputes have related to a thousand different issues, the common threads tend to be nothing to do with the particular business but relate to clashes of personality and/or power struggles. A power struggle may not necessarily be about power alone. It is more likely to be a dispute about ongoing strategy, future plans, whether or not to expand or sell the company and so on.

Don’t let stress, anger and clashes of personality damage your bottom line. Let me come and talk to you and your senior people. It’s what I have done so many times.

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Internal disputes can severely hamper or damage the business

Whether the top of your company or business consists in a boardroom with representatives from 24 countries or whether there’s just you and your partner building house extensions or selling cars, disputes will arise from time to time.

A dispute at the top management level reduces your capacity for making the best decisions.

Most such disputes are not even suitable for litigation. Discovering who the judge thinks is right or wrong simply does not help the bottom line. The Court does not have the authority to make orders for the issue of a new class of shares or the early retirement of a director or whether or not a new product should be developed.

Just look in detail at the advantages of mediation.

Mediation is an excellent way to clear the decks

Internal disputes are rarely settled by litigation. More often one of the parties gives way and the business bumbles on.

Mediation, however, brings the warring parties together so that they understand each other’s position and find a way to resolve their problems. Mediating a business dispute is far more likely to lead to a solution for the long term than litigation, which more than often has the converse effect of ending the relationship.

More complex, multi-party disputes

Disputes arise at any level of management. What’s more, they may not apply simply to two people.

It can be far more difficult to resolve problems amongst multiple directors or partners, when there is a growing attitude of every person for himself or herself. Every meeting becomes a battleground where personalities and power and fear are more important than what is on the agenda. In my experience, most such problems get swept under the carpet and are left to fester until another day, when desperation forces action.

I suggest that you would not be reading this page if you intended to follow that path. This website contains many pages of information. If you just want to move fast to get a mediation fixed up, introduce yourself through our simple form “Request to Mediate” from there you will find we guide you to the pages you will most need and offer constant help as your rock to lean on so as to clear this problem out of the way for good.

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