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What to do if you have a complaint

Whatever the reason for your complaint, I shall deal with it in the same way.

I have no colleagues either working with me or otherwise associated. I’m afraid I cannot therefore give you access to any third party who may be able to judge your complaint.

Step 1

In the process of managing and setting up your mediation, I have drawn your attention to the terms of the agreement between us. That contract is a useful starting point for your consideration of the validity of your complaint.

Step 2

Please write to me either in hard copy or by email – Please set out your complaint clearly and thoroughly. More precise you can be, the better I shall understand. I promise to consider very carefully what you say and will come back to you after a couple of days with my response.

Step 3

if you’re not satisfied with my response, I will agree to discuss with you further in the presence of the third party. That person could be another professional mediator, your solicitor or associate.

For obvious reasons, the satisfaction of every participant in any mediation I undertake, is paramount to me. I will help you as far as I can.

Ground for complaints

In the mediation profession generally, complaints are extremely rare. The reason is that mediators do not advise or impose or judge you or your argument for your reason for coming to mediation. Our place is simply to use our experience and skill to enable the participants to reach their own agreement. If you are unhappy with the agreement you reached, for example because new facts came to light subsequently, then I am afraid I shall be unable to help you.