Small Claims Mediation Service

We provide this service as promoted by the Ministry of Justice.

It is a simple email service that adds a layer to the far more comprehensive but less formal system already in place in the UK.

This service is just a small part of our broad range of mediation services for personal disputes. This service is offered at these standard prices but we can provide variations in many ways.

Our Internet Platform provides an administrative basis for fast, efficient work whilst the work of the mediator personally is not automated in any way.

Small Claims Mediation Fees

The Mediator will work online as part of our email service provision.

Amount of claim Fees per party Length of Session
£1,000 or less £50 plus VAT 1 hour
£1,000 to £5,000 £100 plus VAT 2 hours
£5,000 to £25,000 £300 plus VAT 3 hours

Preparation time and all administration is included in these fees.

This system is included in our prices page.

If you would like to use it, the fastest way is to go to our Request to Mediate page and tell us about your dispute. If you select this service, our system will follow through in every way.

If you don’t know whether your counter-party agrees to use this scheme, we are happy to contact and invite them to take part. Just give us the details.

The EU directive suggests that if the dispute is between a trader / provider and a consumer, then the trader should pay all the costs of mediation. That is for the trader / provider to decide. But we must make clear that we have no arrangement with a trader for repeat business and offer no favours. Every user of Andrew Taylor's services can expect absolute impartiality. The provision on "who pays" is covered in the Request to Mediate form.